PSNLover BETA v1.2 [5.00 to 6.20 support]

How To Run a Plugin Tutorial

In this example we will run "Custom Firmware Extender v3.1" which you can download below.

1: Download Custom Firmware Extender v3.1.
2: Extract file using 7zip or winRAR.
3: Connect your PSP to your computer using a USB cable.
4: Open up your PSP memory stick drive.
5: If you don't already have a seplugins folder on your PSP memory stick copy the seplugins folder which was included in the download to the ROOT of your memory stick.
6: You will also see that the Custom Firmware Extender is in the seplugins folder named cfe.
7: Edit your own or copy the included text files named vsh and game into your seplugins folder.

Heroe’s Empire 0.2


Heroe’s Empire 0.2 is now available to the PSP Homebrew community . IF you are a fan of this WIP PSP Hmebrew known as Heroe’s Empire , Then you are going to love this latest version which is now Heroe’s Empire 0.2 made available a few moment ago to the PSP Homebrew community . Heroe’s Empire 0.2 includes a few bug fixes as well as it offer a bit more stability and compatibility for the PSP CFW and or Homebrew enable PSP System .
Developer Note’s
So during the day I try to understand how I am and I put the code uses neither one nor two.
For those who do not know (there?)
Age of Empires, a game adapted Developed for PC nowadays tens of times, but for me the best is mythology or 2.
The age of Empire literal translation.
You create your quotes through the ages giving you access to different buildings and units for the purpose fatal SHAVE THE ENEMY

Wave’s Loader 3D 1.0

Description for Wave’s Loader 3D 1.0


Wave’s Loader 3D 1.0 is a new 3D homebrew application which was made available to the PlayStation Homebrew community for PSP users . This cool homebrew application is capable of Reading 3D files and out putting it on your PSP Screen . Now this is awesome, Now developers who use this homebrew tool will be able to create some cool 3D homebrew game and or application using Wave’s Loader 3D 1.0 . So how does this work , Well below is a bit of information from the developer on how this PSP Homebrew Application known as Wave’s Loader 3D 1.0 works for the PSP System .
It is quite simple, it serves to “read”, somehow format files. Obj and display them on the screen of the PSP. Not as lines corresponding to the code of the file, of course, but as a 3D image, the. Obj being a standard in 3D modeling.